Just Released: The Raiders: Book Two of the Alien Harvester Series

The escape is over. The fight has just begun.

Against all odds, Bryce and the other Escapers have returned home from the alien prison camp, but the Imjac still controls the world. Eager for revenge against the alien invaders, Bryce is recruited by the Alien Combat Force, the last remnants of America’s armed forces. The ACF wants Bryce for his ability to use alien technology. Bryce just wants to join the fight against the Imjac.

The other soldiers resent Bryce, and the leaders of the ACF refuse to let him fight. Worse, the Imjac have continued their harvesting, enslaving young humans for their mining camps. Can Bryce prove himself to the ACF and find a way back to the island prison to defeat the aliens?

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The Escapers: Book One of the Alien Harvester Series

“The Escapers is an action-packed sci-fi adventure story full of suspense, emotion, and amazingly written characters. It is a story that is sure to suck you in and keep you there until the very end.” — Rolanda Lyles for Readers’ Favorite

Fourteen-year-old Bryce hates the Imjac, the alien invaders who conquered Earth and killed his parents. But he thinks their threats to him are over when he moves in with his aunt, uncle, and cousin Amanda on their dairy farm. But the Imjac capture Bryce and Amanda, forcing them to work in one of their prison camps, where the aliens seek the rich minerals of the Earth to fuel their domination of the universe.

When Bryce discovers his gift for using alien technology, will it be the key to escape from the island?

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